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I am a 38 year old single mother.  My son, Connor, is 5 going on 12 I think.  I work full time and when I get some coveted free time I enjoy a number of different things.  I like to play with my son, play D&D, geocache, read, write stories and poetry, crochet, pyrography (wood burning), custom made T-shirts and so many other things.  I ‘went green’ a few years ago and am teaching my son to be green and teaching him the importance of it.  That, in itself, is a full time job. I come from a family of writers and teachers, so I am lucky to have numerous resources to pull from.
There is more to this site than just what is listed to the right, feel free to look around and be nosy.


This is just a place to keep up with my muse and I.  This is the first of my two blogs.  The other can be found at  I write nonfiction, fiction and anything else that happens to move me at the moment.  The written word is magic to me, and with it I believe anyone can be a great magician.  It’s just a matter of putting the words together in the right order.  Come live in my world for a little while, see if you don’t agree.

9 Responses to “Author Bio”

  1. Hope to read more. My sister told me to check out your blog (Connie).

  2. Can’t wait to read more of your writing. Best wishes.

  3. Your writing makes me want to keep reading.

  4. DD you surprise more and more each day! You go girl!

  5. Merry Christmas my longest friend. 🙂 Hug Connor for me.

  6. This constantly amazes me just how Blog writers for example your self can find the time as well as the dedication to carry on Creating wonderful blogposts your website is terrific and one of my personal must read blogs and forums, I was more than amazed with the post Booksbydiedra's Blog I just needed to say thanks and congratulations Kind regards

  7. thanks for your thoughts on this, I felt a bit struck by this article. Thanks again!

  8. Blog update! What’s going on lately? 🙂

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